Why EasyEnglish?

We may have all done our formal education till class twelfth. And in almost every year, we have this subject – English. We, after the completion of it, may be able to read English and even understand bits and pieces of it. But the naked truth is that we are all afraid to speak in English. That is exactly for which our educational system is designed for. It treats English as a subject instead of seeing it as a language. This is even if we score 90% in English subject we may not be able to speak flutently.

Somewhere we have this weird idea that in order to speak we must know all the grammar and every word has to right. Think of how it was with our mother tongue – did we first learn grammar and words or did we began to speak randomly.

We, here at EasyEnglish, uses that very natural method to help you speak English. Here, we don’t rely on traditional methods of first teaching the students grammar, memorizing and going through text; rather than that we encourage individuals to speak as he/she started to speak their mother tongue. We try our best to create an environment where one easily lean to speak English.

In this process, we promise that within six months every individuals who enrols for our course will communicate in English if they follow our study methods. It does not mean that you will be the master in the language, but the basic knowledge to speak will be imparted. Rest depends on the efforts put in by the students themselves. From our recent practice of the course, we have found out that in a month, our students are able to do the basic conversation in English if they are submitted wholly to the proposed study methodology.

Healthcare style of Testing Process

We have a special testing process regularly to check the progress of the student. If the teacher does not know where the student supposes to improve, then the teaching becomes ineffective. Real teaching is not teaching the subject, but teaching a student. Knowing the level of the student and helping them to grow from the state they are in is the true goal of teaching. Our goal is to help individual to learn, not being their teacher, but as a mentor/coach.