Levels of Learning

Beginner Level

English is not a language but a vehicle of job opportunities. We accept students even if they are illiterate. We help them to learn it from scratch level. You will find similar category of students, who would help you to learn better. However, if you know how to read/write, the intermediate level is recommended.

Even if you don’t know how to read and write, you can still speak because it is a language. In order to accomplish this, the individual has to be highly committed for it.

No one is born with a language, they learn and speak as they grown up and whatever language is spoken in the environment they live in. One can learn many languages as he/she grown up. It depends on the influence that a language has on that particular context/environment. Those who do not have access to English language in their environment will find it difficult to speak in that language. Also, many times the teachers teach English in their local language.

Here, if you think you can’t understand, read, write and speak English we are here to help you.

Intermediate Level

“As level increase, tougher the course becomes is.”

Many students who have finished twelfth and know to read and write; but often they do not know how to speak fluently. This level is designed for them. Our academic gives the basic and even advanced English knowledge to the students, but often fails in instilling the ability to speak. This students are faced with loud noises from the society who say they are incapable and thus useless. This causes a great negativity in their minds, thus destroying their capacity to pick up English. Also, they are often captivated by fear.

We, here at EasyEnglish, help them to overcome their fear of speaking. The students enrolled for our courses will speak English with any shame. That is our guarantee for the students. Our classes are designed to practice/ speak with confidence where we give additional support to develop not only speaking English but also in public speaking.

Advanced Level

“Learning is a lifelong process”

Growing physically and mentally is a sign of present day maturity. Many people think this is even the case with learning – that is to say they reach an end in themselves for learning. The ideal society teaches people that learning ends with the completion of degree or attaining of a job. But, the fact is learning is a lifelong process.

However, if you think you have already picked up the beginner and intermediate and still has a passion to learn the language, we appreciate your choice. This level is designed for you. This is for individual who has firm grip on the languages and still expects to improve it to advanced levels of it.

Our advance class designed in different way than other classes. Here, we guide you for 1-3 months. Then we ask you to take class for others level. For – we learn more when we teach than when we learn as students.

Rules & Regulations for advance classes

One-time payment + monthly fees as long as you are guided by our class.

Later when you start to take class for others you get 50-80% (depend on your performance and our involvement) + other rules

Terms & Conditions of the class

  1. Electronic gadget like mobile, laptop, pc/tablet is mandatory to access our classes
  2. Good internet connectivity is needed.
  3. Must set apart enough time to practice what is being taught
  4. Commitment is most important to thrive through no matter how difficult it becomes
  5. Discipline is another must.
  6. Classes will be conducted through Google meet app
  7. Don’t try to put down anyone, because he/she knows less than you, be like friend but don’t mock or
    humiliate anyone during class.
  8. You are allowed to talk with your class mate after class for practice (girls to girls and boys to boys) at
    own responsibility. We are not responsible for any talk outside of class.
  9. Don’t try to flirt with anyone you will be thrown out of class immediately
  10. Three days in a week we provide class for one hour each day and others day we encourage
    candidates to conduct class by themselves in guidance of coach.