Class rules and regulations

  1. Electronic gadget like mobile, laptop, pc/tablet is mandatory to access our classes
  2. Good internet connectivity is needed.
  3. Must set apart enough time to practice what is being taught
  4. Commitment is most important to thrive through no matter how difficult it becomes
  5. Discipline is another must.
  6. Classes will be conducted through Google meet app
  7. Don’t try to put down anyone, because he/she knows less than you, be like friend but don’t mock or
    humiliate anyone during class.
  8. You are allowed to talk with your class mate after class for practice (girls to girls and boys to boys) at
    own responsibility. We are not responsible for any talk outside of class.
  9. Don’t try to flirt with anyone you will be thrown out of class immediately
  10. Three days in a week we provide class for one hour each day and others day we encourage
    candidates to conduct class by themselves in guidance of coach.