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Why Spoken english?

Spoken English learning

Before knowing why you should choose Easy English, you really need to know the importance of learning English.  More and more people are now dedicating time to study English as a second language. Why so?


EasyEnglish is a reformed method of traditional English Teaching Methods

It is a totally new approach to learn English as a language. Our teachers are not the kind of teachers you find in schools

Spoken English learning with Easy English

We promise that within six months every individuals who enrolls for our course will communicate in English if they follow our study methods.


What our students say?

Spoken English Student
I have been attending class from 12 May. I don’t have confidence in my ability to communicate in English. I am afraid of making mistake. I worry about not being understood by others. But now I don’t hesitate anymore like before. Now I want to speak and improve my English. I ask my friends who want to speak English to join this class.

Pratik (Matriculation CBSE)

I have been studying here last 9 months. I learned many things from this class. I learned to speak without fear and shame. Yes, still I think I must improve. However, apart from English speaking, I have learned how to communicate with people, manage my time and to love the work I do each day. I highly recommend EasyEnglish for all those who wish to develop their English speaking skills and also for their personal development.

Deepa Kumari (,

Last 1 and half month I have been attending this class and I could say that despite studying 12 years in former education system what I fail to do here I could. Now I can understand and speak not like normal people but I could communicate.

Jyoti Mahipal, (12th)

I joined in September 2020. In these 8 months, I can understand and speak English. Before I could not understand English, I could not speak, I never read any book outside academic syllabus, I could not reply, I was not knowing anything about personal development. Now I speak without fear, I know I still do many mistakes but I also know that we learn from our mistakes and so I am not ashamed of making mistakes. I believe that if I continue to follow the instruction of the class I can speak normally within next 4 months. If anyone want to join here, don’t be afraid even if you don’t know anything. You will learn. I started with “I don’t know”- now I speak. So also you can…

Purnima Garai (B.A 1st)

I joined this class 9 months ago but I discontinued in between. However, now I am continuing. Although I discontinued and did not follow class instruction properly I could speak now also I can understand not fully but partially. i remember when I started I could not speak for at least 7 day because I could not understand anything but now I at least I don’t need any translation and I could reply in English.

Srilekha Bagdi, (1 st year nursing),